The Firm


Finmal Finance Services Ltd is one of the fastest growing Finance Services Company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and licensed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange as an Issuing House, Broker/Dealer, Investment Advisers, and Portfolio Managers.

Our Services include Stockbroking, Equity/Stock Trading, Portfolio Management, Fund management and Financial consultancy,


Our several years of experience in both money and capital markets have properly positioned us to provide efficient services to meet your specific needs in the following areas:-

i)   Packaging of Offers.

ii) Preparation of Prospectus/Placement memorandum.

iii) Marketing the Offer.

iv) Other Issuing House activities.


Financial Markets thrive on information. The need for timely and quality information flow is becoming more apparent in the Nigerian Financial Markets as the Markets become more Volatile and sensitive to economic and socio-political trends. We at Finmal assure you of utmost commitment in providing professional advice for the success of this proposed Bond.


As a dealing member of the NSE, Finmal Finance specializes in buying and selling of shares at a competitive price and suggests best time to buy or sell on the floor of NSE.As one of the fastest growing Stockbroking Firm in the Nigeria Capital Market, considering public issues recently participated/ handled by FINMAL you will be rest assured of our highest professional advice in all transactions.


finmal finance services ltd provides professional advice on the investment of client’s investible funds. We also maintain accounts and records in line with regulatory requirements and also assist in loan assessment and loan recovery. Our fund management services are geared towards earning maximum return on investment in line with the terms and conditions agreed with our clients